BDSup2Sub 5.1.1 for Windows 10


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BDSup2Sub is a free program to convert subtitles from movies stored on Blu-ray (M2TS) to DVD (VOBsub SUB / IDX). With it, you are able to process subtitles compatible with Blu-ray to DVD - with the possibility of scaling and performance of other more or less complex operations. BDSup2Sub program is written in Java and requires no installation on your hard drive. We can run directly from a computer or other USB device. It supports the following formats: Blu-ray SUP, Sony BDN XML, HD-DVD SUP, VobSub (SUB / IDX) and DVD-SUP (SUP / IFO). Users can control all of the tools and functions in the program (except for modifications) from the command line. The program allows you to edit subtitles from any position, synchronize time stamps to output frame rate (frame rate). In addition, he can calculate the amount of the Frame Rate to accelerate PAL or automatically delete the fade in / out from imported subtitle streams.